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Trade and industry exhibitions have become an integral part of conference events and we are
able to undertake research, offer advice, and provide the planning and management to ensure a
successful exhibition event for both the delegates and exhibitors.

      •	 Ascertain size and historical statistics
      •	 Assist with budget and pricing of stands/booths
      •	 Appoint exhibition stand building company
      •	 Prepare exhibition layout plans and updates
      •	 Invitations to exhibit
      •	 Exhibitor manuals
      •	 Database structure and management
      •	 Venue liaison and services
      •	 Freight forwarding and clearing, and storage sub-contracting
      •	 Supplier appointments for furniture, plants etc.
      •	 Finance handling
      •	 Registration and controls


      •	 Secure allotments and contract suppliers
      •	 Obtain best rates and complimentary rooms
      •	 Deposit, balance, cancellation and release procedures
      •	 Preparation of booking forms
      •	 Structure of website on line booking services
      •	 Delegate enquiries
      •	 Receipt of bookings and finance handling
      •	 Communication, confirmation and vouchers to all individual reservations
      •	 Detailed database reporting and management
      •	 On site accommodation desk

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