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Turners Conferences & Conventions (Pty) Ltd         Broad-based Black Economic Empowerment
was formed in 1994 to cater for the developing
events industry in South Africa and has gone on to
become one of the leading event management
companies in the country. We provide professional
services at international standards to a wide
spectrum of clients.

Turners Conferences & Conventions (Pty) Ltd is a
member of The Turner Group of Companies which
comprises Shipping and Logistics companies,
XL Turners Travel, and a professional secretariat

                                                    Turners Conferences is committed to progressively
                                                    increasing our contribution to the objectives of
                                                    the Country’s Broad-based Black Economic
                                                    Empowerment programme. Turners Conferences
                                                    will be focusing on specific areas which will
                                                    maximise our objectives in this regard.

                                                    These include:

Our aim is to provide customers with                •	 Enterprise Development
comprehensive solutions for their conferences and   •	 Socio Economic Development
events. Drawing on our experience, resources,       •	 Skills Development
and technology we are able to offer cost            •	 Preferential Procurement
effective solutions. Our one-stop service allows
us to streamline processes for events of any size,
reducing challenges and ensuring success for our

Turners Conferences has proven capable
of managing events of between 20 and 10
000 people. We cater for conferences, trade
exhibitions, incentives and other volume related
gatherings. Our expert logistics management
allows us to take care of the administrative and
operational processes of the event, leaving the
client to attend to the business content of the

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