Conference Organising

Over the past two decades in Conference Organising, we have gained a tremendous amount of experience in the rapidly growing conference industry, and we bring our expertise and experience to every project we undertake. 

Assistance with Bids

  • Liaison with the local organisation to establish details of the event
  • Preparation of bid document
  • Travel to assist and support with the presentation of the bid

Scouting Parties

  • Invite international committee to visit South Africa to view facilities
  • Inspect venues, facilities, and infrastructure
  • Meet appropriate officials and event suppliers
  • Sample accommodation, tours, and cuisine

Venue Liaison

  • Establish requirements in terms of facilities, services, and functions
  • Provide liaison with marketing, operational and catering co-ordinators
  • Advice on financial arrangements
  • Protocol, security and public relations


  • Design and supply of registration procedures, forms, and badges
  • Online web registration facilities
  • Computers for the registration process
  • Accreditation on site
  • Design and distribution of conference bags
  • Preparation and distribution of forms
  • All stationery
  • Database structure, reporting, and management
  • Receipt of delegate forms and responses thereto
  • Registration finance handling and controls
  • Messaging facilities
  • Other services as may be appropriate


  • Set up of meeting rooms and seating layouts
  • Arrange audiovisual and other IT requirements
  • Structure programmes, breaks, and session types
  • Speaker care programme and orientation service
  • Database record of venue, rooms, speakers, chairmen
  • Human resource coordination
  • Signage


  • Design and preparation of call for abstracts
  • Abstract example, guidelines, submission forms
  • Receipt, recording, and forwarding of papers
  • Database management
  • Refereeing process and approval management
  • Integration into program
  • Coding and Printing
  • Turners speaker care program

Social Events

  • Ascertain requirements, type of function, theme, age group and budget
  • Source venues as appropriate
  • Entertainment
  • Lighting, layout, décor, presentations, and speeches
  • Catering
  • Signage, invitations, and printing
  • Seating arrangements and table setting services
  • Human resources
  • Transport
  • Sports and recreational options

Talk to the professionals in Conference Organising, talk to Turners Conferences – we look forward to working with you on your prestigious event.