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Turners Conferences is a leading Professional Conference Organiser and Event Management Company in South Africa and provide impeccable services at international standards to discerning clients.

We see our role as that of the important event logistics facilitator, coordinator, and administrator. We are proud of our past achievements and are delighted to have participated in so many successful events. As a Professional Conference Organiser, we look forward to working with you on your prestigious event.

Conference Organiser


The strength of Turners Conferences can be attributed to the quality and experience of the members of the team. Most of our personnel have been with us since inception and their wealth of knowledge of the products and industry and dedication to the client enhances any event.

Turners Conferences work on a project management basis with an overall event coordinator who has a number of project managers reporting to him/her. This formula has proved successful and we find that specialists in crucial areas are vital to the overall success.

As part of The Turner Group, we are able to call on the expertise of our colleagues broadening and giving strength to our scope of services.

Conference Organiser


Our range of services is so comprehensive that we have found some of our clients prefer to utilise only a portion of them. We, therefore, offer a modular package where you can choose what you want us to assist you with and what you prefer to do yourself.

Whether you take our one-stop shop service or individual module facility, you can be assured of the same quality service and dedication to providing a professional solution.

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With our revised Level 3 lockdown and South Africa in our 3rd wave, it's time (more than ever) to Go Virtual. It can be daunting, we know, but who best to turn to for your Complete Conference Solution?


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