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Turners Shipping is one of   Turners Forwarding, in       Turners Warehouse       Turners Trade Finance
 South Africa’s top Local     conjunc?on with our      provide for both bonded   o?ers selected Clientele
and Interna?onal Freight       worldwide network       and general storage and
    Management and             partners, is able to                                Interna?onal Trade
   Logis?cs Companies       provide logis?cs services      handling facili?es        Finance Facili?es
                             to and from any global    thoughout South Africa


Turners Conferences is a       Turners Secretariat     Turners Training Academy   Turners Travel is one of
   leading Professional       provides a full house        was established to       South Africa’s most
  Conference and Event       secretariat func?on for       maximise personal         recognised Travel
                            Professional Associa?ons         mo?va?on and
Management Company in                                       opera?onal skills    Management Companies
        South Africa               and Socie?es

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