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WORLD AIDS CONFERENCE 2000                         IGU CONFERENCE 2002

“Without your assistance and commitment to         “Just returned home. Thank you very much for the
the event, we would not have achieved such an      organisation. Worked out sublime! And…..had the
outstanding result” – Mrs Anette Lifors            opportunity to see and hear Nelson Mandela: a
                                                   lifetime event” – Dr Roland Goetgeluk

     ITU TELECOM AFRICA 2002                            SELBYS SYSTEMS

“Many thanks for your valuable contribution in     “It will be hard to work with other companies of
making ITU Telecom Africa 2001 the ITU’s most      the level of service given with the speakers AV/IT
successful event in the region. I look forward to  arrangements” – Mr Ron Selby
the possibility of being given the opportunity to
collaborate with you again” – Mr Roberto Blois

     WONCA 2001                                         IPC8 2005

“No problem arose that was considered too small    “These people will not only provide you with
or unimportant and the response time from Turners  excellent service, but also with the support and
in such matters was remarkable” – Dr Garth Brink   encouragement that you will need to carry you
                                                   through the ordeal ahead of you” – Dr Stuart Sym

ICEM15 2002                                        ISW 2005

“DRAGOS ensures management with complete “We are very much indebted to what you have
confidence. It is inconceivable to attempt to achieved and we would like to express our
organize an event without it” – Dr Fiona Graham gratitude to you all at Turners” – Prof Felix Harder

We see our role as that of the important
event logistics facilitator, co-ordinator and

We are proud of our past achievements and
are delighted to have participated in so many
successful events. Turners Conferences look
forward to working with you on your prestigious

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